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Why should I hire you??

I try my hardest to get it right the first time. I call myself a ‘generalist’ – someone who knows something about a lot of things, but not everything about one thing. For example, let’s say you wanted a wood floor put in (which I have done more than once) you may look for a ‘specialist’ in installing floors. The people that do it everyday know how to quickly cut the angles, install and finish more efficiently than me. But, here is the caveat, if the floor beneath the floor (sub-floor) is not ‘ready’ for the top floor they will be putting in, then no matter how good of a job they did, it won’t ever look right.

You hire me to take care of EVERYTHING, so when I rip up the old floor and see there is something wrong with the sub-floor, I will know how to fix it and WANT to fix it. When I walk into your home I will treat it like I am walking into my own — and if I see something that is wrong I will want to fix it. I will consult with you as these challenges arise and we can decide how to proceed so it gets done the way YOU would like it.

Ultimately I want to help people do the things they don't have the time and or knowledge to do. I really have your best interests in mind, and if I feel I am not the right fit for your job, I will tell you (for example I know taking your window screen to a hardware store to fix the rip is WAY cheaper for them to do it vs. me).


HOW DO I Reach you?

The BEST way to reach me is via email. Most of the time I will get back to you within a day or two. You can certainly call me, but the bet way is email.

HOW DO I Schedule work?

Email or call me for an appointment. It is now common for me to be booked out 2-3 months in advance for larger projects. I RARELY allow overlap of projects and only when project proximity and scope make it feasible. But I would never sacrifice your project for the sake of another client.

Do you Have A license?

Yes, my Residential Building Contractor License Number is 20593028.

Are you insured?

Yes. Contact me for a Job-Specific Liabilty form if desired.

Do you have references?

Just ask, and I'll put you in contact with someone I've worked for; or see the photos page for examples of jobs I've done.




I charge for time and materials as opposed to supplying a bid. If requested, I will do my best to calculate roughly the maximum cost, but this is an estimate, not a bid. If I complete the job under the estimate amount, you will only be charged for actual time spent on you job and the materials purchased (whereas a bid job would charge you the full amount).

I like to give progress calls/emails to let you know how the job is progressing so we can manage the project costs. In my opinion this saves you money, but if you prefer a "typical" bid, we can discuss it.


I accept cash and checks. At this time I do not take credit or debit cards.

Payment is due at completion of job unless otherwise agreed upon. In some cases pre-payment is needed for materials.

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